JSIX Advanced Burner System

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Natural ingredients only. Professional formula for our most advanced product. Up... mehr
Produktinformationen "JSIX Advanced Burner System"

Natural ingredients only.

Professional formula for our most advanced product.

Up to 120 doses within a single box


JSIX Advanced Burner is a temporary name we have given our most advanced fat burning system. Compared to many different fatburners on the market one can see few main differences. First of all, the content of one capsule already provides an immense dosis of 100 mg citrus aurantium. This substance, also known as bitter orange extract or synephrine is one of the most effective safe diet aids which plays a key role in hunger management and high energy levels despite lower calorie intake. Green tea extract is of a lower dose than in that of a Basic Burner System but is still at a market high of 100 mg per capsule. Green tea is supplemented by a wide range of people, both sportsmen and not and its benefits are well-researched. With a yohimbine extract added the formula is rounded up to be the most efficient and effective one capsule dose. Yohimbine extract is known for being able to help targeting stubborn fat areas on the body, such as lower back, thighs, lower abs by playing a role in antagonising alpha 2 receptors in those fat cells.


At 150 mg caffeine per capsule this system should be taken into consideration by people aware of their caffeine sensitivity. For people highly sensitive to caffeine this can prove both effective but also have side effects like increased temperature and metabolic activation to the point of sleep problems which is a normal sideeffect of caffeine consumption. It is adviced to give the body time to adjust drinking one or two cups of coffee per day until the first dose of JSIX Advanced Burner System taken before sports or in the morning before another activity, preferably before a weekend where one can risk going to bed an hour or two later than usual, only if needed. Otherwise it is a totally safe product, which is a trademarkt of JSIX brand either way.

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